MoneyComb FAQs

Which accounts should I link up?

Using MoneyComb requires the linking of at least one credit or debit card that you use for spending.   To work best, it is recommended to connect all your regularly used credit or debit cards.   This is a seamless process in the onboarding as well as possible from your “Profile” page.   There is no need, nor is it recommended, to connect other financial accounts such as investments, mortgage, or 401(k)s.  

As a startup, how secure is your site?

We realize that financial data are  important and private.  That is why we use bank-level, 128-bit security throughout.   Also, MoneyComb does not power the account linking process or store your login information.  This is handled by a trusted 3rd party: Plaid Technologies.   Plaid is a leading provider of these services and works with some of the largest and most trusted names in financial technology.  These include Venmo, PayPal, RobinHood, Betterment, LevelMoney, WealthFront, Digit, and others.   

Product FAQs

Why do you only have six categories of spending?

Our goal is to focus on actionable and relevant spending categories that give you the potential for real change in behaviors.  A lot of major expenses like housing, utilities, car payments and other loans are tough to change in the short or even medium term.  That said, we would like to increase our categorization engine and give you the opportunity to create and choose your own categories.  Look for these features in upcoming versions of MoneyComb. 

So what exactly are the current MoneyComb spending categories?
Category Table.png
Why do you look at last 30 days and not “monthly?”

It’s sometimes convenient to look at spending month by month, but life tends to be more fluid than that.  So at MoneyComb we like to look at a “rolling” 30 day period for all our categories except Travel.  This lets you see your spending overtime and continuously.  It also helps avoid overspending at the beginning of a month and not having money left for the end.

Security FAQs

Why does MoneyComb need my login information?

We need your login user name and passwords so that we can help you organize and manage your accounts. We use this information to establish a secure connection with your financial institution or credit card company. This enables us to download and categorize your transaction information securely and automatically.

How secure is the login information I store in MoneyComb?

Your login user name and passwords are stored securely in a separate database using multi-layered hardware and software encryption. We only store the information needed to save you the trouble of updating, syncing or uploading financial information manually.

How can I protect my MoneyComb account?

Here are a few tips to help keep you safe online:

  • Keep your password safe--don’t share it with anyone.
  • Mix it up--make sure that your password includes numbers and capital letters.
  • Use virus protection and a firewall on any computer you use to access MoneyComb.
  • Don’t install programs from people or companies you don’t know.
  • Learn to prevent identity theft and identify phishing attempts.

Support FAQs

My credit card isn’t connecting.  What should I do?

We partner with Plaid Technologies, Inc. for our account linking features.  At this time we have access through Plaid to over 13,000 financial institutions nationwide. If your account isn’t working, please make sure that you have a properly working login and password to access your account electronically. Ensure you are entering the same login information as if you were logging into your financial providers website.  If there are still issues, you can email us at 

My MoneyComb user name and/or password isn’t working?

Please try again in a few minutes.  If it still isn’t working, please email us at

I would like to delete my MoneyComb account or have other support related issues. 

Please email us at