Is it Safe to Link my accounts?

Ever heard of Betterment or PayPal? 

 Or maybe financial technology firms like Acorns, Robinhood, Level, Digit, Venmo or Wealthfont?  Know what they and MoneyComb have in common?  We all use the power of Plaid Technologies to enable and enhance our account linking technologies.  That's right, when you connect any account to MoneyComb, you're really connecting through the ultra-secure and established tech of Plaid.  MoneyComb never has any access to your accounts, passwords or ability to move or transfer funds.  We simply get a data feed via Plaid: Trusted by millions with billions of transactions tracked.  So don't worry, link happy.  

Why Linking Matters?

Linking Accounts gives you the information you need

Want to know your top Eating Out merchants?  Want to see how much you spend on Shopping each month?  Want to understand your spending and track future purchases?  Then the key is linking your active credit and/or debit accounts.  In fact, research has shown that simply tracking purchases often leads to a 10% reduction in spending.  Pretty nice!

And Finally Remember:

MoneyComb is Dedicated to Your Privacy & Security


Privacy is Our Priority

Your data are your data. MoneyComb does not sell or distribute your information.


End to End Security

Bank-level, 128-bit encryption is used throughout the process so your experience is secure.


Industry Leading Partners

Trusted by firms like Betterment and Venmo, Plaid Technologies powers our account sync process.  

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