The Science of Gift Giving

We looked into the gift giving research and created a list of nine things that will help you pick gifts easier, in a less stressful manner and hopefully within budget. 

1. Choose experiential gifts, people tend to remember experiences longer than material possessions.

2. Don’t be afraid to give what the recipient has expressed they want.

3. No need to spend more money or time on a gift. Thoughtfulness doesn’t mean a more expensive gift.

4. Don’t be afraid to give the same gift to various people. Research found that people tend not to compare gifts.

5. It’s OK to be generic in your gift-giving. Researchers found that personalized gifts proved to be less appealing than non-designed gifts.

6. Try to put yourself in the gift recipient’s shoes. Givers and recipients value different things about gifts. 

7. If in doubt on what to give, simply subtly ask and clarify. Research has found that people overestimate how much they understand partners and friends’ preferences.

8. Consider doing a bi-directional gift-giving experience – set spending limits and involve each other in the process. Agree to purchase and jointly consume the gift.

9. Finally, set up a spending plan ahead of time, research has shown that people who have a plan are more likely to stick to it. See our blog post from last month on ideas on how to Stick to the Plan. 




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