4 Steps to Cut the Cord


After years of paying over $150 a month for channels that he never watched or even had heard of, Mel embarked on a mission to cut the cord without losing access to his favorite shows, live sports and financial news.

Here are 4 key steps to "cutting the cord."

1. Make sure you have solid internet speed.  If you’re going to stream all your entertainment, it’s important to have a decent internet speed.  I would say at least 30 megabits per second.  If you currently use Netflix or other streaming services, you probably already know if you have a good connection or not.  You can also test your speed for free with apps like SpeedTest by Ookla (http://www.speedtest.net/).

2.  If needed, upgrade your internet.  At our house, we just got AT&T fiber capability.  For $50 / month, I got our home internet supercharged with speeds around 300 Mbps.  For $20 more, they have a 1,000 Mbps package, but 300 has proven more than enough speed. 

3. Cancel your cable and internet if you got a new provider.  This was the fun part.  Canceling and turning in old cable boxes and modems was great.  I just made sure we had our new internet hooked up before canceling to avoid any downtime.

4.  Try a streaming service.  I went with DirectTV Now also from AT&T.  I got the smaller package with an HBO addition for a total price of $40 per month.  As a great bonus, they sent me a free AppleTV for a 3-month commitment.  It’s a really great deal.  If you don’t already have a streaming device like an AppleTV, it makes even more sense. 

Enjoy your cable free life!  Also, make sure to download free apps to fill any gaps in your viewing.  The PBS, NBC and YouTube apps all add great content for free! 

Want to follow Mel's plan, download his Guide to Cutting the Cord

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