It All Begins With a Plan

The key to getting your spending under control and optimized for happiness is to know where you're currently spending and figuring out where you truly want to spend.  

MoneyComb analyzes your recent purchases, automatically categorizing your transactions. Based on the latest science of spending, you receive a custom plan for our six key categories:

Reduce Spending & Increase Enjoyment

Download the Money & Happiness Guide: 15 Science-Based Ideas to Reduce Spending and Increase Happiness

Then You Make It Better

Are you all about fitness?  A gamer? Love the finer things in life?  Take our Money Mindset Quiz and learn your passion categories... areas where you should probably spend a bit more. Based on research conducted at Duke University, we created a short, fun quiz to help you understand your spending better.

Then You Spend Who You Are


Spending within the sweet spot range means you have found balance. You are spending optimally for both personal enjoyment and financial health. If your spending is in the blue range, you are under target but missing out on some things you really enjoy. If you’re in the pink, try to cut back on your spending in that category for a while.


Don't know where to Start? Start any financial journey the smart way 

Five Simple Steps to Successfully Start Any Financial Journey

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