What is Honey Money?

Honey Money helps you track your progress across the MoneyComb platform.  You can gain coins for everything from reviewing a transaction to completing our Spend Wizard planning tool.  You will also get Honey Money by staying on track with your financial goals and spending in your Sweet Spot.  In the future, MoneyComb hopes to tie these positive actions to real rewards such as discounts or bonus points for your credit card.  We’re not there yet, but are working hard to make it a reality!


So why do we have Honey Money now? One of MoneyComb’s key advisors is Dan Ariely, Ph.D., of Duke University.  Dan found in his behavioral economics research that having something as simple as a gold colored coin to help keep track of weekly saving goals can lead to greater savings.  In fact, in a real world field study, it prompted people to save more than twice as much as those without any such incentives.  Pretty amazing stuff!

Here are actions where you can currently earn Honey Money: