How it Works

It All Starts with a Plan

MoneyComb analyzes your recent purchases, automatically categorizing your transactions. Based on the latest science of spending, you receive a custom plan for our six key categories.

Then You Make It Better

Based on research conducted at Duke University, we created a short, fun quiz to help you understand your spending better. After discovering your Money Mindset, our guided Wizard can help fine tune your plan.

Then You Spend Who You Are

MoneyComb doesn't overwhelm with facts and figures.  We use a range called the Sweet Spot to let you know if you're spending optimally.  It's pretty simple really: Stay in the Sweet Spot and you're good to go.


How are We Different

Capture 90% of Discretionary Spending with Just 6 Categories

The Average MoneyComb User Saves up to $200 in the First Month

Over 1,000,000 Transactions Tracked and Optimized for Happiness


MoneyComb is Dedicated to Your Privacy & Security

Privacy is Our Priority

Your data are your data. MoneyComb does not sell or distribute your information.

End to End Security

Bank-level, 128-bit encryption is used throughout the process so your experience is secure.

Industry Leading Partners

Trusted by firms like Betterment and Venmo, Plaid Technologies powers our account sync process.  

"It’s hard to save, invest or pay off debt if your spending is out of control. It’s also tough to change most essential expenses like rent or car payments. That’s why MoneyComb focuses on only six categories of day to day spending you can actually do something about."

-- Mel Mattison, MoneyComb CEO.

Where Your Money Has Gone

Connect Your Bank Account. Simply tracking purchases often leads to an over 10% reduction in spending. Pretty cool… and we’ll do much more than that!

Where You Want It to Go

MoneyComb guides you to the perfect plan with our Spending Wizard. The result is a plan optimized for happiness within a budget to meet your financial goals.

Spend Less, Enjoy Life More

Beyond spending smarter, the average MoneyComb user has saved over $200 per month compared to their own recent spending activity.